The products we selected for you are a guarantee of ITALIAN quality. Moreover each of these products, it gives you the opportunity to earn points you can use as and when you want to get the special Italy Premium Quality awards.

Remember , on our website you will find only ITALIA'S PRODUCTS!!!

Presentation of the network
The ITALIAN PREMIUM QUALITY network is a priviliged channel to promote worldwide the EXCLUSIVE ITALIA'S PRODUCTS and certify their ORIGIN and QUALITY.
To keep your satisfaction, we have created the PREMIUM CARD through which you can use the services offered and to be kept updated on gifts, promotions and all the other network information.
To join the program it is very simple, it's enough to CLICK HERE and enter your data and you will get the PREMIUM CARD that allow you to join the ITALIA PREMIUM QUALITY.
Why sign up ?
Register yourself to the program ITALIA PREMIUM QUALITY and you will start earning your points to get the EXCLUSIVE GIFTS and be informed about the ITALIAN PRODUCTS that will be added to the network.
This is a special channel that guarantee you to buy only the AUTHENTIC ITALIAN'S QUALITY!!!
If you register yourself, you can easily monitor our orders and the points you will earn buying our exclusive products.
How to accumulate points
By purchasing the products of the network ITALY PREMIUM QUALITY, you will get PREMIUM CODES that once you have signed up, you will enter in the special area of the portal. In this way you will credit the points relating to products purchased directly to your PREMIUM CARD, which is assigned to you upon registration.
In addition to PREMIUM CODES, there are other ways to collect points, you will learn about this possibility visiting our stores.
How to use your points
Check out our GIFTS CATALOGUES, you will find a lot of quality awards, ideal for a gift for you, family or relatives.
You will also find new and interesting PROMOTIONS to grasp that you can get with the points you earned.
Get Premium Card

Register now and get you Premium Card to start an exclusive collection. With your Premium Card you can collect points in every Italia Premium Quality p.o.s.

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